New Year, New You

Fashion trends are everywhere, from social media to your own closet. For the most part of the century, casual and formal attire have been made with the best of the best, cotton, silk, linen and wool amongst other natural fibers. But with all the new technology, fashion has taken a new turn; and for the better. With nanotechnology, textile companies have found a way to make all kinds of synthetic material. Out with the old and in with the new, and what’s new is the more synthetic fabrics we see today. Materials like nylon, spandex and polyester are now the new classics. We have come so far that our clothing is not only a preference of comfortability or uniqueness, but also durability. Because of these new synthetic materials, which we foresee will be taking the world by storm in 2017, we now are able to produce clothes are resistant to spills and stains and socks that moisturize your feet with every wear! These materials are not only cheaper, but also environmentally safe. More and more companies have opted to use recycled materials to make these multi-polymer fibers. So it is not a matter of what fabrics are in and what are out, but how we use them as well.

Customers all over have joined in on this new synthetic frenzy, and find it easier, and cheaper, to use these materials for their every day apparel. Not only are the fabrics we use are changing, but also the patterns. In 2017, we will see more printed tees with logos and activist movement signatures, reminding us of the simpler days of the early 90’s. Geometric shapes and styles have also made a comeback, but this time with a twist! Not only are we seeing naturalism in the form of synthetic fabrics, but also on the surface. Neon pinks, blues and oranges are in again. This time, we see them in the form of butterflies, flowers, bird feathers and other nature-like shapes. Because of the new technology, we are now able to make fabrics that are three-dimensional and textures that not only jump at you, but you can actually feel! We also predict the revival of beads, sequins and lace. These embellishments, fused with new synthetic fibers and fabrics that are being mass produced today, we can only imagine what is awaiting us in 2017.

Happy Shopping, and Happy New Year!

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