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The Creative Concept Industries, CCi, head office is located in Amman, Jordan. The head office is includes the management, accounting, marketing, sales, media, design, and customer support department. All the departments in the CCi are working hand-by-hand to allow you to focus on what you do best while the CCi family focus on creating the exceptionally dress. what they do best.

Sales and Marketing departments understand what our capabilities are and what your requirements are. Then, the design department take over and start visualizing these requirements into a sketch while insuring the trends and creativity on it. CCi aims to better understand your specific and individual corporate culture, vision and expectations, so CCi may exceed them in the design departments. Your account manager offers a dedicated point of contact for all your concerns and questions and after delivery, the customer support departments continues our long standing tradition of follow up, alteration requests, future requirements and forecasting. 

The management department in CCi is leadership focused. They stand ahead of our various departments paving the way to excellence. Hands on approach and personalized passion for the industry prevent us from standing behind our teams stumbling to give direction.

Although, the CCi head office has a unique showroom, that shows the creative of all the CCi departments’ in the deliverables of the dress that committed to enhancing your business image and ensuring your employees' comfort and safety.

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Head Office
Ibrahim Al-Muwaylehi St.
Building no.8
11512 Amman, Jordan

Factory & Logistics Center
Sahab Industrial City
Building no.278
11512 Amman, Jordan


Front Desk
Tel1: +962 6 461 0404
Tel2: +962 6 465 4447
Fax: +962 6 463 3316





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